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Reach Now Institute - About Us

Reach Now Institute is a personal growth / business development company; led by Author / Speaker / Trainer Craig Copeland.
Reach Now Institute assists individuals, corporations, and business professionals seeking greater improvement in personal development and business growth who currently have challenges reaching their goals and seeing projects to completion.

Areas of development include; Time Management, Productivity, Leadership, Group and Team Resources, and Personal Development.

Areas of focus include; career, finances, health, and relationships.

The goal is to use the momentum, power, and support of groups to elevate and strengthen the individual. The objective is to strengthen each team member by honing in on his particular and unique skills; thereby diminishing fear, anxiety, and overwhelm, ultimately resulting in greater success rates.

If you are a sole entrepreneur, you’ll learn to increase your productivity, reach more objectives faster, building leadership skills and client retention while focusing on business growth.

Individuals will learn to excel in their personal life, creating the necessary habits of completion in a way that can be easily and instantly incorporated into your already busy lifestyle.

Additionally, Reach Now Institute will also provide seminars, educational products and training for medium and large-size companies/corporations.

Craig Copeland is the author of the book Finish What You Start. He's been a speaker for several years and has recently begun speaking at seminars through his company the Reach Now Institute which is based on his new book Finish What You Start: Unlocking The Success Secrets of the Top 1%.

Prior to the Reach Now Institute, Craig worked as a high-level Personal Assistant for 15 years for some of the top CEOs of major corporations, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalist, top Producers, Directors, A-list actors, Grammy winning performers, and heads of major movie studios.

In 2009 he was chosen by Celeb Staff Magazine as one of the Best of the Best Personal Assistants and ranked among the top in elite household and business staffing. His first book, The Essential Handbook for Personal Assistants is considered to be an authoritative nuts and bolts guide for the industry.