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Building a Group | Build a Group


Building a Group

- Craig Copeland.

Building a Group

A phrase that’s becoming more widely used these days is: Building a Group. A lot of emphasis, especially in business, is about team work and group collaboration. But one has to ask, if this concept works so well in the business environment, can this same practice be used in other areas of our lives, too? Yes, it can.

For about fifty years now the term “Self-Help” has been bandied about as a way of improving any aspect of your life. There is Self-Help for your personal life, your business life, your relationships, finances, career, health, etc. The problem is that Self-Help is being used by the wrong people.

The term applies to using tools you previously didn’t have in order to take you to the next level or to teach you a new set of skills. However, Self-Help is really meant for those who are already highly self sufficient and are just looking to adapt a new skill, concept, or behavior into their life on their own.

To illustrate this further, over the past ten years bookstores and marketers have been changing the term Self-Help (which has a subtle, negative connotation), to Self Improvement which is a stronger, more empowering phrase, yet it’s still not quite right. Instead, the focus should be on the word GROUP.

An even more powerful method than Self Improvement, is one that top successful people use, and what the majority of us should be using; the concept of Group-Help. Or more to the point, Group support and encouragement. In other words, using the power of others to strengthen and improve the self. So how exactly does this work and why haven’t we done this in the past?

Let’s use the example of the lone entrepreneur. His objective is to get his business up and running and to become successful doing it. To do this he must wear many hats. By taking on so many rolls, he’s constantly in overwhelm, always playing catch-up, and therefore, not putting his best effort into creating something really wonderful. Conversely, most of his time is spent just keeping his head above water. He or she has no time left to innovate, create, and grow; which would ultimately lead to becoming more prosperous.

Instead, what if he had the power of a team behind him? Things would get done in a more timely fashion. Less overwhelm would occur, and he’d actually have more free time to create, improve, innovate, and develop.

An obvious question is; “What if I can’t afford to hire people?” The group concept is not always about hiring someone, but instead using their resources to help you get things done. One example is to use a mentor. Throughout our lives we often ask others for their advice, opinion, and counsel, networking, or mentoring.

We do this unconsciously all the time; ask friends for advice or opinion, join organizations, clubs, the gym, yet rarely do we apply any of these tools to a bigger goal or worthy objective. Still worse, many view seeking the help of others as a sign of weakness, so instead of gaining support, they struggle to go it alone.

When using others as a resource, you actually begin to feel supported, you’re able to see things more clearly and objectively, and you keep your creativity working at full capacity.

Taking this concept even further, when you feel supported in this way, you’re actually, (ironically), strengthening and improving the “Self” and creating muscles for working and doing things more successfully on your own when needed. Integrating others into everything you do, you’ll always feel supported, which naturally increases your drive, energy, and momentum.

Successful people tap into this concept all the time. They find people who live life at a high level, and use their feedback, support, counsel, and mentorship to get things done.

Building a Group is not about relying on others to rescue you. It’s about tapping into the resources of others to keep you growing and thriving. We learn this in team sports, healthy marriages, strong, supportive families, college communities, and productive workplace environments.

Self-Help should be a thing of the past. To become successful in everything you do, you need to embrace the new concept of GROUP-Help into your life.