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How to Stay Motivated to Finish | Build a Group


How to Stay Motivated to Finish

- Craig Copeland.

How to Stay Motivated to Finish

A key component to becoming successful is learning how to stay motivated to finish. Often, somewhere along the way we lose our passion, our drive, and without realizing it you find yourself slipping off the path to your goal.

Remember in the beginning when you started on the journey towards your goal you were very passionate and driven? Nothing was going to stop you because you had focus and clarity. The goal was yours to own. Every day you’d get up, energized, your thoughts were sharp, you were actually excited, almost giddy. 

Then a few weeks to a month that enthusiasm started to diminish and you began to notice you weren’t as fast at handling all the necessary projects needed to complete your goal. So what changed? You’re still the same person you were when you started. You still want to reach your goal. What changed? 

Well the simple answer is that it got boring, tedious, monotonous, and aspects of your objective began to overwhelm you. Perhaps you felt isolated or alone. Then life began to creep back in and take precedence over this once amazing goal. 

Does that mean you’re destined to fail? No, of course not, but you might want to consider changing some behaviors and patterns which can slowly, but by bit, derail even the most worthy of goals.

The first thing you need to be conscious of is that when you do anything for extended periods of time buy yourself, it’s hard to keep the energy and motivation at peak performance. It’s not that we can’t do it and aren’t capable, in fact, we do it every day; going to the gym alone, having lunch by yourself, maybe a movie or vacation. We do it all the time. But it’s not fulfilling. 

When you have others involved, your motivations and energy naturally shifts to a higher gear. Having input, support, advice, and the energy and enthusiasm of others can keep you motivated, driven, and focused.

Ask yourself this question; do you feel more confident, self assured, and energized when you’re alone or when you’re part of a group?

In fact, it’s when we use the power, energy, and support of a group that we actually strengthen and improve the self. When you have others supporting you in this way you are less overwhelmed, you have more focus and clarity. Your energy level accelerates to peak performance.

The best method on how to stay motivated to finish is to check in with others on a regular basis and use their counsel, resources, and inspiration to keep you on target towards reaching your most important goal.