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Boost Teamwork | Contribution


Boost Teamwork

- Craig Copeland.


Les Brown says; “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll still land among the stars.” When it comes to finding ways to boost teamwork, a great way to do this is to keep striving for your own personal best.

This encourages and inspires others to want to do the same. And when it comes to teamwork, who wants to be dragged down or held back by the others on their team? It would be like having a basketball team with one great player and four weak ones. That team is not going very far.

To really help your team, strive to become a leader. When working with one of my clients in the D.C. area, for years she’d wrestled with going to the gym and working out on a regular basis. Too much of the rest of her life kept getting in the way. Put another way, too many excuses.

I encouraged her to put a team of likeminded people together to keep each other motivated towards reaching their goals. We even came up with a game plan to give each of them bonus points by offering extracurricular work, if they so desired. What ended up happening was amazing.

No one wanted to be left behind, so each one started looking for ways to outperform the others by taking on several extracurricular assignments after their daily workout. Their goal was to reach their ninety-day objective, but within that timeframe, they were allowed more points by adding additional sessions of: biking, swimming, running, climbing, aerobics, etc. Their competitive natures kicked in and no one wanted to be left behind.

But a strange phenomenon occurred. They all kept encouraging each other to keep up. In other words, moral and team support were strengthened as each objective was reached. Their “unspoken” attitude was that “No one is left behind.”

Another surprising thing happened. Their group idea and spirit was noticed being copied by others who came to the gym and as more teams got together, it soon became a competition of teams.

What started out as a healthy competition amongst teammates became a team boosting challenge to make them just that; a team.

It also helped them to hit their personal goals faster, with more energy, drive, and enthusiasm.

In fact, several of them are now going for round two!

The point here is that competition is healthy. Even healthier still is using the power of support, motivation, and encouragement to boost teamwork. Think about this; we always look to those who are most successful as examples of how we too can achieve our best. Striving to become a leader ensures both your own success and the success of your team. What better way to stay on target to reaching the Finish Line.