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Life Goals | Contribution


Life Goals

- Craig Copeland.

Life Goals

What are your Life Goals? Get your masters by twenty-six, own a house by the age of thirty, have a family by the age of thirty-five, be financially secure by the age of…

Perhaps you’re already in your thirties, forties, or fifties and thinking of starting off on a new goal or adventure.

Most goals seem to have a certain age we wish to reach them by, but shouldn’t any goal you go after be a goal you have for life? Shouldn’t a worthy goal be something that stays with you? Achieving your goal is one thing, keeping it going or improving upon it is a whole other process.

Sure, you can set a goal of getting a raise at work, but what then? Is that your ceiling or will you strive to shoot even higher once that goal has been reached?

While we’re at it, think of this goal reaching concept as a type of contribution to yourself. Why? Because contributing to yourself means you’ll take the task seriously, and it also enables you to help others. Huh?

Don’t worry. I get that response a lot. Stick with me here.

Once a goal is reached, if it’s a worthy goal, it needs to be maintained. Using the simplest of analogies, you can’t just go to the gym, get in shape, and then stop. In order to keep your results you’ll need to do some form of regular maintenance. And if you want to improve on those results, you’ll need to push even higher.

To use another example, when buying a home, once you own it, you typically aren’t finished. After a time you may want to make improvements on the home itself; design, structure, additional appliances or new furniture. Or, your new goal may be to upgrade to a bigger home sometime in the future.

In terms of business, once a goal – typically financial – has been reached, the next objective is often, “how can we increase our sales and revenue for the next year?”

Worthy life goals require constant improvement. When planning a trip you might choose a different place than last year, or if it’s the same locale you may choose to do something different. In terms of relationships, if we aren’t constantly improving, evolving, and growing, we become bored and unsatisfied with the way things are.

So how does this fit in with contribution and how does this enable you to help others?

When you become someone who is constantly improving, and you begin to see more successes in your life, you become more fulfilled. Now you’re in a higher state to help others to do the same. This is where contribution comes in.

If you think about it, we typically seek out people who’ve achieved their success goals and we want to learn how to do the same. When someone sees that you’ve achieved your goals, you’re in a perfect situation to help them with theirs.

In our quest to succeed, it’s natural to observe how others achieved their goals. When you succeed, others will look at which road and what methods you used to get there.

When working towards your Life Goals, reaching them is not enough. Constant improvement is the key to happiness. You must be able to nurture, grow, and cultivate them. Doing this will ensure a stronger, secure, happier, and more fulfilling future.