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Personal Growth | Contribution


Personal Growth

- Craig Copeland.

Personal Growth

There’s one important tool that people often miss when developing personal growth. It’s contribution.

So many people hear this and think that donating money is what’s required to help the world while feeling like they’ve done a valuable service. Don’t get me wrong, many charities and organizations desperately need financial support in order to survive, but the issue here is contribution as a “service” to others. This above all else is the massive power towards accelerating your growth. Let me explain.

Everything you will do in your life will have an impact on the society around you. No one, unless by choice, lives in a bubble. Society needs us and we need society and social interaction to survive. On the most basic level, no matter how low you may feel, when you help another individual, you no longer feel like you’re on the bottom rung of the ladder. This in itself can give you personal power.

Taking this a step higher, when you help, guide, assist, mentor, or counsel another individual, you are rewarded on so many levels.

There are many are ways to be of service. When you take the time to help another individual on their goal journey, you benefit them in so many ways but you too will find you get something huge in return.

Giving back to the world and your community helps to elevate yourself while helping others to grow, allowing them the much needed opportunity to move forward.

While giving back can be as simple as helping someone with his or her groceries, opening a door for someone, or saying hello and thank you, it can be as big as helping a family in need, or donating your time and energy to a charitable organization. Preparing, serving, handing out food or clothing, building a home, etc.

“You can have everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”
- Zig Ziglar

But contribution is not just about volunteering, it’s also about service. What does this mean? It can be an enormous benefit to show someone, wishing to reach their own goal, the steps necessary to succeed. In other words, showing them how you did it offers key insights and the opportunity to succeed without having to endure the unnecessary struggles you may have gone through.

There’s plenty of room for people with goals similar to your own. Your contribution enables them to succeed while also building stronger foundations.

Someone told me that when he was helping me to figure out the next move for one of my projects, he actually figured out how to bulldoze through something that’s been holding up his own progress.

He said two things occurred; when he was thinking of ways to help me with my project some of the ideas he came up with could also work for his own project. Secondly, as he was helping me with my goals, taking the focus off his own, suddenly, after being blocked for 6 months, he wasn’t stuck anymore. He’d found clarity.

This same phenomenon happens time and again to people who are stuck and can’t figure out the next necessary step to take. Personal growth happens faster when we give service to others, yet the benefit to ourselves in incalculable.