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Do I Need a Life Coach? | Find a Mentor


Do I Need a Life Coach?

- Craig Copeland.

Do I Need a Life Coach?

You may already be familiar with the term "Life Coach". A question that always comes up is; “Do I need a Life Coach?” The simple and most immediate answer is; it depends.

A Life Coach doesn’t solve your problems. He or she is there for clarity, focus, and to help you keep on track and mission driven. Often they will also work on what’s been blocking you from accelerating in your life objectives.

However, most times a coach can be someone who with the best of intentions is removed from your situation. He or she may not understand your true needs, goals, or objectives.

Think about this. When you seek out a mentor, you look for someone who has skill and experience in your field. Often it’s someone who has already accomplished what you’re looking to do, who can offer advice, show you the ropes, and how to avoid the pitfalls. They may also offer networking connections to help smooth your journey.

You're here because you want to reach your goals and live your biggest dreams. Sometimes you can feel like you’ve a ton of great meetings with a Coach only to find there’s no more forward movement then when you first started. Sometimes it feels like you’re doing nothing more than turning in homework.

When choosing a coach to work with, you need to look for certain qualifications. Remember, you’re hiring someone to provide a service for you. Much like hiring an accountant, plumber, auto mechanic, doctor, or even an assistant, you need to make sure you’re clear on what you expect from them and what results you desire.

Strategic planning is key when defining your strategy, or direction, and making goal-focused decisions is what you want and need to reach your desired outcome.

That means you need someone on board who can help you uncover and find out what your REAL goal is (what you are most passionate about), then help to create a reasonable and worthy objective towards successfully reaching it. They should be able to help you knock down any walls of fear, anxiety, or frustration that may be holding you back.

When asking yourself; “Do I need a Life Coach” you need to know what your objective is. It’s not enough to say; “I want lots of money.” That’s like saying I want a car. Once you know what type of car, how old or new, what the maintenance would be like, if you’re buying or leasing, what color you want, then and only then is there enough specificity to begin your search. Now you have laser-like focus on what you want. And surprisingly enough, you’ll start to see that car everywhere you go. The same rule applies for your goals. Be clear, precise, detailed and as specific as possible. Putting a date on the completion of your goal will also help to keep you focused and driven.

Now you have the right tools to seek out a Life Coach or maybe even a mentor. You’re no longer going to the doctor saying; “I have this pain somewhere I’m not sure of…” And, instead of prescribing “medicine” like a panacea to cure everything, he or she can now offer you a specific treatment geared towards reaching your goal.