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Personal Development

- Craig Copeland.

Personal Development

There’s no better formula for personal development than building a team to support you. Sounds a bit counterintuitive, doesn’t it? The funny thing is that so many people keep getting this wrong. They seem to think that the only way to develop the self is to work hard on their selves by themselves and this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Think about an athlete who works with a coach. What does the coach really do to improve the athlete’s game? First, and most importantly, he’s able to objectively observe the athlete to gage and study his techniques, his movements, where his eyes are, how he positions his body, etc. Then he offers course corrections to improve and enhance the performance.

Next, the coach might offer exercises or training tools to give the athlete more power, energy, drive, and stamina.

Take Coach John Wooden for example. He had a formula for winning; his Success Pyramid. He worked with each player individually to improve their game, for some it was in their technique, for others it was in how they interacted with their team mates. But overall, the team cooperation directly affected how they developed as a successful player. He said; “Always seek to improve yourself and the team.”

The last thing a coach offers is the direct support of another individual towards reaching your personal goal. When you have another person on your “team”, it decreases any feelings of overwhelm, and actually promotes drive, energy, creativity, and moves you forward; which is the definition of success. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.

For any area of your life that you wish to improve and excel in, you will most likely need the advice, feedback, and input of other individuals to improve your overall performance.

Here’s a tip to keep in mind: Most people ask a friend or associate for their opinion. This is okay for many areas of your life, but when you want to truly increase your level to peak performance, whether it’s as an athlete, an entrepreneur, or even in your personal life, the better choice is to get advice and feedback of someone who’s already achieved what you too are looking to accomplish.

Said differently, a friend’s opinion and input is fine, but when it comes to success, you might want to think about seeking the counsel and advice of someone who’s seasoned and has experience. In other words, to achieve real success in your life, follow the leader, not the follower.

When talking in terms of personal development, you have to treat this like an investment in yourself. Much like your finances, you wouldn’t just ask anyone for investment advice, you’d seek out a professional; someone with a proven track record. The same applies here.

You may find that your journey is also shortened when you seek out someone who’s a mentor or coach rather then just a friend. It’s rewarding and powerful when we see our own progress and improvement happen in a shorter timeframe then we ever had in the past.