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Finish What You Start | Stretch Your Comfort Zone


Finish What You Start

- Craig Copeland.

Finish What You Start

Is the phrase Finish What You Start something you currently struggle with? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you’re having trouble completing your goals, dreams, projects, or even the most simple tasks?

The obvious answer is that you may have too much on your plate. Every time you have good intentions to live your dream, successfully complete that project, or reach that life-changing goal, does LIFE seem to get in the way?

This begs the question; can you ever learn to proficiently meet your objectives or reach your goals? Are there others who already achieve success in their lives, and if so, how did they accomplish this?

The funny thing is that you're probably reading this because you’re someone who’s already smart, driven, focused, ambitious, and has amazing goals set for them self. But somehow you can never seem to make your dream or goal a priority. It always seems to end up on the back burner, making you feel like you're constantly playing catch up.

Question: Are you someone who has an amazing goal, dream or invention that's been sitting on the shelf gathering dust, and right now it’s nothing more than a great conversation piece or story you tell to others at dinner parties?

If your answer is yes, then you need to keep reading.

There’s no formula that successful people possess that you too couldn't have. Success has little to do with money, education, or family connections.

And it has nothing to do with luck. In fact, let's get "luck" out of your vocabulary from this moment on for the rest of your life. Things don't happen to you, they happen as a result of you.

While success takes hard work, it doesn't mean you have to work hard. It does mean however, that you have to be persistent in reaching your goals. Often the difference between the successful and those who fail is small. Successful people keep pushing forward long after others give up. A race isn't won in miles. It’s won in mere nanoseconds. This means that though you may not see it, the finish line may be just around the corner.

But right now we’re talking about how to finish what you start; successfully. To do that, you need to examine your current habits and practices.

Most people who can't seem to finish often use the excuse of not having enough time. Said differently, they’re not good at Time Management or Productivity.

If you fall into this category you're not alone. It's not too late to become someone who can have much more free time. However, you’re going to have to learn some important new habits. It may seem hard at first but actually the techniques are simple to grasp and once mastered, you'll find you are free-er, and suddenly you have more time available to take care of what you've been putting off in the past. You may suddenly find you actually have time to take a nap.