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Stop Procrastinating | Stretch Your Comfort Zone


Stop Procrastinating

- Craig Copeland.

Stop Procrastinating

It’s in your head all the time; “Stop procrastinating!” Yet, while you know this, you can’t help it. You know that you are smart, creative, and capable, you see others bulldoze through every goal they set with ease, so why do you keep hitting a wall?

To quote Elizabeth Barrett Browning: “Let me count the ways: Today it was the kids, you got off to a late start, and the day just got farther behind:

We’ve all been there; too many pressures and demands of the day. Now you just want to go home for some peace and quiet, have a drink to unwind, veg in front of the TV. It’s nothing new. What might surprise you is that all of these excuses, and yes they are excuses, come down to fear.

What? Wait a minute! How can someone else’s demands of me be a fear? How is being stuck in traffic a fear? What does demanding kids have to do with fear?

The simple answer is that at the end of the day there are two types of people; those who get things done no matter what, and those who don’t.

When we see someone successful accomplish their goals, we will often attribute it to luck. Someone gave them an opportunity, family money, they married the right person, or it was right timing, etc. If these are really what you think is behind their successes, then you need to watch a few episodes of “How I Made My Millions”, to see what these people went through to get the rewards they now enjoy.

We’ve all been tired, overworked, overwhelmed, fatigued, drained, etc. But somehow people still manage to get past all of this, grow and accomplish their tasks.

Fear, is a result of letting these situations rule your emotional state keeping you from pushing through towards your desired objective. And when we let our emotions rule our outcome, most of the time the outcome will have no results.

So how does one push past all of this and accomplish everything they set out to do? One of the defining aspects of fear is isolation. Being by yourself too much causes overwhelm, procrastination, and even fatigue. But wait a minute! I’m married, I have children, I work or live with other people, so how can I be alone?

The problem is not being alone. It’s doing things alone and keeping the conversation all to yourself. What does that mean?

Many people create a dialogue in their heads which can cause overwhelm. They keep everything in their head with all those tasks, projects, goals, and objectives. This can be quite a lot for one brain to manage. Have you ever practiced a conversation you needed to have inside your head, yet when you said it out loud it sounded very different?

Well the same goes for overwhelm. Getting things out of your head can actually alleviate some of the anxiety behind it, creating clarity and direction.

Another good tool is brainstorming, asking advice, getting feedback, or simply asking for help. Many of us are always willing to help another person. One of the best methods to stop procrastinating is to use the resources and power of others to help us reach our own goals and master our anxieties.