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Are You Stuck?. | Support Your Group


Are You Stuck?.

- Craig Copeland.


What keeps you from getting to the Finish Line? What holds you back? Better yet, at what point do you lose momentum and give up on your objective? In other words, are you stuck?

Typically when we get into a place where we can’t or don’t seem to move forward, it usually comes down to a couple reasons; isolation and overwhelm. Both inevitably lead to fear.

When people get off track or lose their passion about their goal, it’s usually because they have been doing it on their own and that can tend to get overwhelming or it can cause you to lose your passion.

Conversely, if you observe successful people who are great at completing their goals and objectives, you’ll find that they are rich in their social resources of networking and using others for counsel, feedback, and advice.

If we observe the examples of successful people we begin to notice that they are great at tapping into others to get things accomplished. Instead of spending hours surfing the Internet, they ask their peers for advice. Instead of emailing back and forth, they call or meet in person to get what they need.

A bonus to this type of connection is what Napoleon Hill found to be so valuable in his Master Mind concept. He knew the energy of others was a powerful vehicle and through interaction people tended to feel less isolated, and more empowered, motivated, and creative.

With all the resources available to us, why do people still choose to isolate?

The simple answer is that they’re afraid. Afraid they’re imposing on others or wasting their time. Afraid that they have nothing of value to offer and instead feel they're being needy and therefore are perceived as weak. This couldn’t be father from the truth.

Has someone ever come to you for advice or counsel? Of course they have. And how did that make you feel? You felt valued, connected, and additionally, you felt an obligation to come up with the best feedback you could, because you wanted the other person to feel like they’ve gotten their money’s worth, so to speak. And when we are given this opportunity to interact and help another in this way that’s a great feeling.

Don’t you think that the people you go to want that same great experience? Of course they do! Why would you keep anyone from enjoying the benefits of this type of interaction? This is what makes life so rich, so fulfilling.

Even worse, many people think that they're interacting with others when they are either texting, emailing, or interacting on the Internet. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. This isn’t quality, this is fulfilling immediacy. Am I suggesting that you should never do these things? No. What I’m suggesting is that they should be secondary to your social interactions and not the only source of interaction with others.

When answering the question; are you stuck, you need to pay attention to a couple things; what derailed or stopped you in the first place, and why you chose to go after that objective or goal to begin with.

Using the energy and resources of others is a powerful tool to keep us on track and motivated. You may find that you’re actually reaching your goals faster when tapping into the power and energy of others. Try it for a couple weeks and see if it doesn’t change your outcome dramatically.