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Group Success

- Craig Copeland.

Group Access

We’ve all heard this; “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” Taking this process a step further, when you have a goal, a great way to reach the finish line fast is to incorporate others into the mix. In other words, build a team of people who can help to keep you motivated and on track towards successfully completing your goal. This is called, Group Success.

One of the fastest growing strategies is to use the power of others to help you achieve your objectives. How? The way we naturally do it every day. We use others all the time for feedback, encouragement, and input. We check in when we’re feeling isolated to get a little social motivation.

On a higher scale, people use these techniques when working with a mentor or coach to keep them driven.

Taking it even farther still, instead of checking in with friends, find a group of people whose objectives are to reach their own goals, that you can check in with to get an even better source of feedback, input and advice from.

Want to climb the success ladder? You must constantly seek out people who have worthy goals of their own and are on the same path as you or one that’s slightly elevated. The reason for this is two-fold.

Let’s be honest. Checking in with a friend is nice but most of the time, unless they are an expert, their input is only an opinion. What if instead you were speaking to someone who’s had experience in your field, or someone who’s already worked through issues you too want to break through.

Objective: Seek out people who’re motivated and have goals of their own. You want to find several of these people. The reason behind this is that you’ll be checking in with them in a one-on-one basis and if one person is not available when needed, you want to have someone else who can be available to you.

Where do you find likeminded people? There are a variety of sources to find people who are goal seekers and can be part of your team. If your goal is to become an entrepreneur, the obvious places to meet these people are at seminars, meet-up groups, classes or courses, or online training events.

You want to look for people who have their own objectives. They may already have tools and resources that you too can utilize, but additionally, they can offer QUALITY feedback and input. This way, you can tap into their energy and ideas (much like a Master Mind group), and their feedback and inspiration can give you energy, drive, motivation, and creativity.

But here’s the SECRET KEY: You too will need to encourage and support them in their goals. Why? This is the beautiful part; when you help another individual it empowers you too. You get a deeper sense of support, accomplishment, and team pride. Helping them with their cause, you will unconsciously work out faster, more dynamic methods for reaching your own goals. Lastly, but very importantly, by helping them, they will stay driven, and not hold you back or drag you down. Think about being on a rowing team; the weakest link…

Group Success is a very powerful tool for keeping you on track and mission driven. You’ll find you have greater resources, you’ll develop more creativity, and you’ll reach your goal at a rate that will surprise even you.