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Why Do We Struggle? | Support Your Group


Why Do We Struggle?

- Craig Copeland.

struggleHave you ever asked yourself why do we struggle? Every morning we wake up with the intent of becoming more successful than the previous day, to have a fuller, happier life, with all the benefits we see around us all the time. Each and every one of us wants the rewards and gifts life has to offer. But let’s be clear, this isn’t always the case. Many struggle and it seems sometimes that no matter how far forward we go, something inevitably pulls us backwards; back into the frustration and anxiety of before.

So instantly we do several things on an unconscious level. First, we immediately notice everyone around us who is successful and start to compare ourselves to them. And second, we look for that magic bullet to give us the edge that we deserve and often desperately need. Just that one little bit of help to get us over the hump and show us that all of the hard work has paid off.

It’s not that we want to be rescued, just to be given a little break now and then, something to show us that all our efforts meant something and life is to be enjoyed and cherished.

Sometimes we struggle because we don’t know who we really are. Think about this. Do we REALLY struggle? Or are we simply comparing ourselves to someone who seems to always have it easier than we do? Do they always seem to hit their stride, are they more successful, do they reap more rewards than us, or it that just our perception?

Often when we don’t know another person’s background but we see the results they’ve achieved, we assume that they’re either more gifted, talented, lucky, or just more connected then we are.

People will say things like; “Justin Bieber must have been born lucky.”, or “Donald Trump had it handed to him.”, or “Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are one of a kind. I can never be like that.”

Did you ever stop and look at what they had to go through to get there? All of the hard work, long hours, setbacks, and failures? When we compare ourselves to the people we see as more fortunate than us, or those who seem to naturally get what they want, we’re only seeing what we all know to be the “Tip of the iceberg”, while the other ninety percent – the hard work and struggles – is sitting below the surface.

In fact, on some level we DO realize that these “lucky” people have worked very hard to get where they are, and the question that’s really on all our minds is; “When is it my turn?”

Which leads to another question; when you make these comparisons, as we’ve all done, when you’re feeling unlucky or less fortunate than the other person, even though you give it one hundred and ten percent and have been doing so for years, are you also feeling alone and isolated?

Our anxieties over money, our lack of confidence, our struggle to get ahead can often be attributed to feeling alone, isolated, and therefore, overwhelmed.

There is a component we don’t often see in others and most especially within ourselves; it’s how we use groups and networking to keep on path towards reaching our goals, successfully every time.

In other words, when we isolate, we begin to compare ourselves to external things that we perceive as real. To say that he or she has it easier than you is only your perception. In reality, they may have it easier in one regard; they know how to tap into the power of a Group to help them move forward towards their objectives.

How does one do this and how can you learn it for your own life? When we use others for networking, advice, counsel, feedback, input, mentoring, or any other kind of support, not only are we getting clarity on how to achieve our projects, goals, and objectives, but we feel energized because we now feel supported. This kind of support enhances our drive and momentum, our creativity, and our laser-like focus on reaching our goals.

Support counts for many things but mainly it counts for improving the self. The truth of the matter is that the self is actually strengthened when part of a group.

When you’re alone and you have too much on your plate and all you can think about are deadlines, meeting your objectives, too many projects, not having enough time. With all of that on your plate there is no way that you can work on your self-esteem, self worth, or self improvement.

But when we have the support of a Group behind us, then we are more confident, more focused, we are calmer, more creative, and now we’re able to hone and improve our self, self-esteem, and self worth.

The question; “why do we struggle?” comes down to knowing the difference between doing it all alone and knowing how to tap into others for help, inspiration, and resources. Pride can get in the way of asking. But ASKING is where the real power lies. It’s were we are our most successful. It’s where we learn to excel. Practice using the power of a Group to move you forward towards your goals.